KangoKids - Our Story

KangoKids was born in 2020 as the brainchild of an experienced Aussie Math and Science teacher. Prior to teaching, Debbie had spent time as a Professional Accountant and Executive in various industry sectors before taking her teaching degree and starting a new vocational career as a High School Math and Science Teacher in Australia in 2010.

She realized then that there was a void in the provision of some key skills that ‘future’ employers are looking for. The world that our kids are growing up in is changing constantly and as a result, emphasis on key skills also changes. Some key skills that future employers are looking for are Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Innovation. All of these in combination with Confidence and Resilience place kids in a great place!

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning is particularly good at driving home these skills. STEM education teaches critical thinking and innovation. It also challenges students to think critically and come up with their own solutions and over time it helps kids to develop mental habits that will help them succeed in any field.

Debbie saw that a lot of kids were not engaged and also that they didn’t really understand the importance of the skills of STEM. If kids are not engaged in STEM then the core building blocks year on year for Math and Science will not come through. Debbie was seeing that with a lot of students, she would be starting over each year to build those core skills rather than being able to build upon existing skills.

All parents know that Confidence and Resilience come from engaged kids repeating skills. As a result, Debbie searched for products designed to engage early years through teens in STEM that would help kids develop confidence in creativity, critical thinking and problem solving amongst other things through fun learning.

KangoKids was born from here. KangoKids philosophy is based on the core concept that STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) toys improve the process of learning in kids whilst helping them develop new skills. It’s all about Playing, Learning and Exploring.

Debbie Thompson

KangoKids Owner