Genius Lab

An Introduction to Luke at KangoKids

Experiment 1: Oils Fear of Water

Experiment 2: Density Droplets


Experiment 3: Breaking down the Barriers


Experiment 4: Kitchen Emulsion


Experiment 5: Show Me Density


Experiment 6: Making Stuff Float

Experiment 7: A Clock that uses Density to Work

Experiment 9: Lava Lamp Alternative

Experiment 10: Making Litmus Paper


Experiment 11: Let's test the PH of some liquids at home

Experiment 13: Basically Acid

Experiment 14: Painting with a cabbage powder canvas

Experiment 16: Acid and Base Chemistry

Experiment 17: Softening those hard eggs

Experiment 20: Let's get Slimey

Experiment 21: Bouncy Glue


Experiment 22: Solid Metamorphosis - Sort of

Experiment 23: Cheesy Process

Experiment 24: Creating quicksand goo

Experiment 25: Chilling out

Experiment 26: Take my temperature

Experiment 27: Saturated yet ?

Experiment 28: Crystal Statues

Experiment 29: Crystal Morphology

Experiment 30: Diamond Crystals

Experiment 32: Crystal Seeding

Experiment 35: What a reaction

Experiment 36: Another Eruption

Experiment 40: Big Bang


Experiment 43: Color-Fall

Experiment 46: Chromatography with ice

Experiment 47: Color Rainbow